Faces of change




The collaboration between the United Kingdom and Peru has resulted in the reconstruction of the northern Peruvian region. This effort has been made possible through the United Kingdom Delivery Team (UKDT) and the National Infrastructure Authority (ANIN). The rebuilding of schools and hospitals, as well as the construction of comprehensive projects that protect communities against disasters such as the El Niño phenomenon, has fostered development in different cities. However, the greatest impact of these projects is not tangible - it is the change that they have brought to the people living in those areas.

To convey the true scope of these projects and the progress they bring, we spoke with the protagonists of these stories. They share with us their hopeful vision for the future and prospects for growth in their communities.

An audiovisual production of over six months of development and several kilometers traveled, in which we delve into the stories behind the work of the UK Delivery Team, has resulted in the creation of two documentaries with real, human, and authentic narratives.

Faces of change represents the portraits and voices of the leaders that we identify in these chronicles. These leaders promote a new era of resilience, optimism, and security in their environments.

The new infrastructure opens a real possibility of development not only for the students who now pass through our classrooms, but for the entire community

Antero Arévalo

Director of the San Juan de Íllimo School

We have what we have often demanded: proper infrastructure, services. Now, it only depends on us to make the most of it

Luis Chomba

Vice Director of San Juan de Íllimo School

At the end of this project, many sectors left the areas considered at risk and this gives us a lot of value. More urban services will enter our sector

Martha Gonzáles

Leader of the C.P. El Milagro

We leave the uncertainty that the huaicos can take away from us what one day, with a lot of effort, we managed to have. Now we have to maintain these works, make them a reality and, above all, feel safe and calm with the growth of our families

Walter Álvarez

Construction Manager of the Quebrada El León project

San Juan de Íllimo: a school that is the heart of the community

We are travelled to the district of Íllimo, located in Lambayeque, to share the heartwarming stories of the students and teachers of San Juan de Ílimo school.

This school has become a hub of community and contribution after its reconstruction. The modern and high-quality infrastructure of San Juan has positively impacted not only the school but also the surrounding citizens, generating various opportunities for them.

Quebrada El León: infrastructure and development that revalue culture

The Quebrada El León project involves various communities in the districts of Huanchaco, El Milagro, and La Esperanza, located in La Libertad.

This project has facilitated the development of an integrated infrastructure that ensures their protection and prepares them for the arrival of heavy rains. Additionally, it has generated prospects for urban growth and opportunities for its inhabitants. The leaders of these sectors, such as Martha Gonzáles, are driving this development to contribute and improve their surroundings for the benefit of the community.

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Executive producer: Jose Andres Rivera

Director: Jota Cuadros

Account executive: Stephanie Smith

Director's assistant: Pablo Almestar

Screenplay: Pablo Almestar, Jota Cuadros

Production assistant: Will Mejia

DF: Jota Cuadros

2nd camera: Luca Ortega

Camera assistant: Maximiliano Amaro

Sound: Sebastian Hidalgo

Chief editor: Iván Perez

Editors: Luca Ortega, Luis Esparza

Graphics: Surgente estudio

Audio house: Audio Salvaje


UKDT representatives: Ben Hurley, Silvana Bolaños, Jorge López

Photographs: Julio Reaño, Radio Doble 9 Illimo

Drone pilot: Jota Cuadros, José Rivera

Transport: Taxi Illimo

Characters in order of appearance:

Antero Arévalo Lamas

Luis Chomba Carranza

Bartolo Peche

Yareli Cajusol Arbañil

Zarait Medina Vasquez

Special thanks: Familia Chomba Carranza, I.E. CEBA SAN JUAN


UKDT representatives: Ben Hurley, Silvana Bolaños

Drone pilot: Jota Cuadros, José Rivera

Security: Josue Monroy, Jhonny RodrígueZ

Transport: Juan Manuel Ampuero

Characters in order of appearance:

Walter Álvarez

Luis Chomba Carranza

Lucyana Zavaleta

Martha Gonzales

Marialaura López

Special thanks: Lucyana Zavaletta, Stracon , Estación Coworking


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